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9 Digital Marketing Mistakes That Will Kill Your Growth and How to Solve Them


If you have read our article on the importance of digital marketing, you are now aware of the great advantages you can gain by applying the above principles. However, if you want to make sure you don’t waste all your budget on inefficient marketing, read carefully what are the most common business mistakes and how to fix them once and for all.

1. Try to Receive Before Giving

It’s too common of a practice to see a brand encouraging a purchase on their first contact with a potential customer. Even assuming that anyone viewing your ad has an urgent need for your product, it is wrong to “push” a product or service before giving any value. By giving value first without expecting anything in return, you are not only establishing authority in your market, but also building trust with a potential customer. And when there is trust there’s a greater likelihood of buying. From now on, instead of just trying to sell your product, focus on building trust with your target audience. Share knowledge, share news and build enthusiasm about your brand.

2. Marketing Around You And Your Product

Another huge mistake that happens too often. Efficient marketing is planned around the customer. What are the needs of your target audience? What great benefits will your customers feel when they enjoy your products or services? More, what are the benefits of the benefits of your products? Let’s imagine for a few seconds that the esteemed reader has an orthopedics business. Advertising your services may tempt you to highlight your years of experience, or that you have a PhD from the most prestigious university in the country, or even how much you know about orthopedics and the quality of your services. While all of this should be highlighted, you should not do so as a way of making your business known on a first contact basis. Ideally it would convey a message similar to “Imagine being able to play freely with your grandchildren, feeling refreshed and renewed, without any trace of the pain that haunts you.” It is obviously an example, thought in the moment and perhaps a little exaggerated, but it is efficient in the message that transmits. What is the benefit? Stay free from pain. What is the benefit of the benefit? Enjoy time with the grandchildren. This appeals directly to your customer’s needs and fantasies, making them more effective in getting your message across. Remember, marketing revolves around your target audience, not yourself.

3. Bad Copy-writing

A good metric to measure the success of your marketing campaigns is conversion. Are you generating sales? Are you generating leads (contacts that someone interested gives voluntarily)? If your campaigns don’t convert, it could be trying to push the sale, focusing too much on you and your product instead of customer needs, or not giving enough value to gain the trust of your audience. . This topic relates directly to the previous two, and may serve as a short summary of both. Going back to the example of orthopedics, before encouraging an appointment, offer, for example, a list of good habits to avoid bone pain in exchange for contact. Always try to focus on what your customer needs and the benefits someone will feel when they take advantage of your services and always have value to offer to encourage or generate leads or a purchase. You will see an increase in the conversion of your campaigns.

4. Not Analyzing ROI

Let’s say you have a great product and a great digital marketing strategy. You thought of an ad that appeals to the needs and problems of your target audience. You are ready to start your campaign. Sign in to Facebook Business, build your ad, and post it. So far so good. The big problem is that many businesses stick around. This will get you to spend more than you expected. Taking a daily look at the behavior of your campaigns is essential to avoid wasting part of your budget. How much is each new customer costing you? When is it costing each ad click? How many times has each person seen your ad? How many likes? How many shares? It is crucial that you define a set of metrics for your campaign to be able to determine its success. Depending on the outcome you may want to scale the campaign or, if it goes wrong, stop it as soon as possible to test a new ad. Our strategy is determined to ensure your budget is optimized to ensure more results for less costs.

5. Not Promoting Your Content

One sure way to lose money is by not promoting your content. Did you know that when you post on your business’s Facebook page, it’s only shown to about 5% of your followers? This means that if you have a promotion or event that you want to advertise and post to Facebook, only 5% of people who follow it will have a chance to know! To get around it, you’ll need to actively promote your content, either by promoting Facebook posts, or by sharing your post across all your social media profiles, and above all by consistently sharing.

6. Not Having Well Defined Goals

A successful marketing campaign will essentially have to accomplish two things: advance someone on the customer journey and get someone to take some action. But what is the customer journey? It’s a bit more complex than this but it boils down to three basic steps: Awareness, Evaluation, and Conversion. The first step is to make your audience aware that you have a problem and that your business can solve it. In the second, a potential customer evaluates your business and begins to consider using your services. In the third, Converts someone interested in customer. So when you think about a campaign you have to define how you will move someone from one phase to another, and what action you want to take when someone finds your ad. Is it reading a post? Is it to leave a contact? Is it downloading an ad? Is it buy? Starting today, set these two goals well for each campaign and you will see your success increase.

7. Forgetting the Importance of Smartphones

The use of smartphones as a platform to be online is currently 62%. Knowing this, it becomes essential for your business to define how you will use your mobile phone as a digital marketing tool. Use your phone to communicate with your customers, share stories, events or support. Better yet, let your customers use their own smartphones to advertise for themselves! Encourage them to post photos that are taken with your product or while enjoying your service, for example. Also make sure your website remains appealing on mobile devices, as when you don’t, you will undoubtedly lose potential customers.

8. Not Doing E-mail Marketing

This type of marketing remains undervalued. Its importance is described in our article. This is the best way to continue to value your target audience and since all recipients have already made a first transaction with you, the delivery of their own contact is more susceptible to offers and purchase incentives. Using email marketing is the best way to keep customers loyal. Not to mention that by combining emails with data obtained through social networks you can achieve great levels of personalization which in itself increases conversions.

9. Not Interacting With Your Audience on Social Media

Unfortunately it is very common to see businesses that forget that social networks are a space for dialogue and interaction. If you only use these means to send information, without listening to feedback from your audience, you will quickly see it shrinking.
Use social media to talk to your audience, ask for feedback, ask what they’d like to see shared by you, reply to comments, and comment on your posts!


Slowly begin to apply what has been said here and you will see that your results will start to skyrocket. You will quickly see your online presence increase and your reputation grow. If you need our support to prevent you from making all these mistakes, feel free to schedule your free call with us, where we will evaluate how we can help your business.

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