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8 Reasons You Need Digital Marketing In Your Business Now


If we think about it, digital marketing is simply marketing. And the main marketing rule is to put the right offer at the right time in the right place. It just so happens that your customers are now online, whether on social networks, while catching up on the news or looking for their next purchase. Using digital marketing, you put yourself in the same media as your customer and become visible to the right people as you tell your brand story or tell us about your products and services. As your target audience gains a growing online presence, it is imperative to have a digital marketing strategy. And if you don’t have one yet, you’re seriously behind. Knowing that the Internet is increasingly linked to what we do in everyday life, the importance of digital marketing is clear as water. In this article I will share with you all the reasons why your business needs digital marketing to grow and thrive.

1. It’s How Your Audience Spends Time And Money

Can you guess how much time an average person spends on social networks daily? About 2 hours. If we talk about teenagers this number goes up dramatically to 9! By 2018, a frequent internet user has around 7 separate social media accounts. In fact, 22% of the world’s population is present on Facebook. Social networks are intrinsically linked to just about everything we do, from work, play or even teaching. Simply put, if you want to reach your audience effectively it is crucial to use smart social networks. By now you might be thinking, “Yes, I realize that social media is part of our lives, but hardly anyone buys anything there.” It could not be further from the truth! According to eMarketer, one of the 10 most popular reasons for being on social networks is precisely to buy products present in ads. By the way, 37% of time on social networks is spent interacting with branded products. However, it is not enough to have profiles on social networks and go posting some content at random. It takes an efficient strategy. We are at your service to help you create a strategy that fits your business.

2. It’s Super Effective As Customer Support

One of the key factors of a successful business is maintaining an immaculate reputation. Using online presence, you can communicate quickly with your customers while building strong links with your target audience. Whether through valuable published content or using email marketing, it is easy to establish a level of trust and familiarity that without digital marketing would not be possible.
And it is true that when in doubt, we all choose to buy where we trust the most or where we have the deepest connection. And I want your business to be the one, always.

3. It Allows You To Focus On The Right Audience

But what about the big advantage of digital marketing like traditional television, radio, scoreboards, magazines or newspapers? Well, that’s the efficient way you can reach your target audience.
Think about it, a TV ad can reach thousands of people daily. But how many of these people need your products or services? If, for example, you sell tooth whitening, what is the point of having children watching your ad? Or people over 65? Or to be honest, someone who has no interest in teeth whitening? The truth is that in these cases you have virtually no control over who sees your ads. Each time the wrong person sees your ad, your business wastes money.
Using digital marketing, you can control even the smallest detail how to target your ads to those who are most likely to buy your product. So all your marketing is relevant to those who see it.
To give some examples, you can choose to show your ads based on needs, issues, ages, professions, buying habits, educational attainment, relationship status, birthdays, and more.
This ensures that you do not waste money on unnecessary marketing.

4. You Can Examine Your Campaign Results Accurately

With traditional marketing, how do you know if your ad was successful? Certainly if you do some tests you can set the best time to pass your ad, or see if you have increased sales or met another set goal.
However, when compared to digital marketing, this is what you can see: who saw your ad and how long, if anyone liked it, if someone commented, shared, originated a sale, originated from using an offer , and many other parameters like how much each click cost.
Using these metrics, you can optimize campaigns in real time, always making the minimum investment required.

5. It’s Simple To Scale Or Stop a Campaign

Using the metrics defined in the previous point, you can thoroughly test each campaign by increasing or decreasing your budget so that you always have the best results. You can set exactly how much you want to invest in each ad by increasing or decreasing this amount depending on the success of the campaign. All this in real time, without interruption of your ad.
Our strategy is extremely effective at optimizing campaigns, which will make sure your budget is always right so you don’t spend more than you need on advertising.

6. It Makes Small Brands Competitive

It’s not uncommon to see local businesses close when a big brand appears nearby. Whether physically or online, it is difficult for smaller businesses to compete with reputable brands that make millions daily.
Unless you use digital marketing smartly. Regardless of your business, using digital marketing can easily have better search engine results than big business. Using our Google PPC service may be the first result on google when someone searches for keywords related to your business.

7. It Has the Best ROI

Did you know that using content marketing, you can get 3 times more interested by spending 62% less than with traditional marketing? And attention, because when we say interested we are not just talking about traffic to your site or likes in your posts. We are telling stakeholders that they voluntarily share their contact information so they can be contacted by you. This type of stakeholder is 7X more likely to become a customer than those obtained using other means.
The return to email marketing is even more impressive. On average, each euro spent on this type of marketing earns a return of € 44. Of course this requires building a good mailing list, but that’s why we exist!
There are even more advantages, Forbes magazine has published a study where it shares that businesses that use social networks sell more than 78% of businesses that do not.
All this tells us that this type of marketing is extremely effective, and cost effective. And every euro you spend counts. With digital marketing return on investment is guaranteed.

8. It Integrates Marketing With Smartphones

According to IBM, transactions made on smartphones increase 35% annually.
But notice, we are not just talking about shopping. From seeing reviews to your business, interacting directly with you, interacting with your website and content on social networks, it’s all easily done from smartphones.
A customer taking a selfie with your product easily is a marketing opportunity.
Knowing how to take advantage of these opportunities allows you to create social status and authority, which in itself builds trust in your potential buyers.
This means that if your content is not appealing on mobile phones you are losing a significant amount of your target audience.
If all this goes together with SMS marketing we get a marketing machine ready to take your business to the next level.


The importance of using digital marketing should be very clear to you at this time. All your customers are online and where the modern buying process begins.
We will create a strategy that fits your business that will allow you to take advantage of all these advantages and grow your business.
Dial your free call now and start building your brand’s future today.

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